Extracurriculum activities for your kids

Extracurriculum activities provides fun and excitement for your preschooler, kindergerten and even your older kids. Get them registered in a ballet class, art, drama, scienceLianchi or any other extra activity club you know they will enjoy.


Too busy for your kids?


Are you too busy for your kids, do you hardly have time to spend with your children, talk to them, know who their friends are and find out what’s going on in their lives? Here is a short story to help you choose between your very busy schedule and spending quality and quantity time with your kids.

Helen and John work very hard to give their children “the best things in life”. They are working parents who are hardly ever around for their kids as they both leave home for work very early in the morning. They do what it takes to beat the crazy Lagos traffic and return late at night when the children were fast asleep. One day, Helen got back home from work a bit early as she wasn’t feeling to well. she decided to spend some well deserved time with her 15 year old daughter, Lara. Just before she entered into Lara’s room, she heard Lara having an unusual conversation on the phone that stopped her on her tracks. She heard the innocent voice of teenage daughter, “Yes honey, I really did enjoy myself the last time. Yes dear, I promise to take the pills first thing tomorrow morning. I already…Helen did not wait for Lara to finish, she opened the door and burst into the room. Lara was startled to see her mom in her room. WHAT! (she thought to herself) she’s not supposed to be home at this time, what does she even want in my room. Her mom and her never had alone time, it had been ages since they sat down to talk. “Did you hear anything mom? Helen still in a terrible shock over what she heard, looked at Lara in disbelief. Are you having sex? She stared in shock at Lara, why do you need after-morning pills? Hand me your phone this moment” she grasped the phone from Lara’s hand, her recalling that it was uncle Lanre Lara’s godfather and her husband’s best friend who got her the phone on her fifteenth birthday some weeks ago. Her protests at the gift had been laughed off by Jonh and his friend Lanre. They had called her ‘old school mummy’. As Helen scrolled down Lara’s phone, going through her inbox and out box messages, what she saw really shocked her-Lara was having an affair with a married man! She calls him baby and she visited him in hotels when she was supposed  to  be in school. He said he loved her more than his wife (liar) and they where both planning to go on a trip this weekend … But  Lara told her that her school was going for an excursion in Ogun state this weekend. OH MY GOD. Lara what are you doing to yourself? ‘Nothing mom’ she cried out, a sheen of tears in her eyes. I’ am sorry mom, I really am, I din’t mean to hurt you. Was all Lara could say. Helen broke down and began to weep. “My baby….Deep cracking sobs tore from her body. She tried calling “the bastard” but Lara  had no airtime on her phone. So she decided to dial the number on her own phone…Oh no, Lanre! Lanre is the bastard who has been sleeping with her daughter. How could Lanre do this to them, John is his best friend and Lara like a daughter to him. How could he?

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